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The Whole Enchilada - 1/2 Pound Crafter's Pack

Now serving the Whole Enchilada! Crafter's Pack

We hope you're hungry! Get one-half pound of each of our color mixes with just one click.  If you are feeling famished check out the one-pound Studio Pack.  What a great way to feed your cravings, stock your studio and save some pesos!

Crafter's Pack = 8.5 Pound

You will receive one each of the following mixes: Winter, Granite, Beige, Cafe, Flesh tone, Sunshine, Mandarin, Scarlet, Pale, Blue and Night sky, Ocean, Spring, Forest, Olive, Pretty in Pink and Purple Haze.

In stock

Please Note: These mixes are created and sent directly from the factory and will change from batch to batch. We may or may not carry the individual colors contained in each mix.

Smalti Coverage: 3 Pounds = 1 sq/ft.

Size of Individual Pieces: Approx. 5/8" x 5/8" x 3/16" thick. This product is hand-cut cut, and its size varies.

Suitable for use in interior and exterior applications in all weather conditions.

Easily cut with Leponitts, Montolits, or the traditional hammer and hardie.